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October 03, 2003

Mock My Recall

Almost five years ago, I came to California on a romantic whim. A two-week road trip brought me and my boyfriend across I-80, from Long Island, New York to San Francisco. We moved to California with the naïve hope shared by hordes of westward trekkers – whether hope for gold or land, a dot-com fortune or a progressive community.

Friends and family back east have often looked to me to explain the many wacky ways of the people of the Golden State. Energy fiascos, medical marijuana, houses built on fault lines, The Mystery Spot, plastic surgery for sexier feet, raw food restaurants – I’ve explained it all. Now, they ask me to make sense of this farcical gubernatorial melee some dare call an “election.” And I can’t do it, simply because it doesn’t make sense to me.

Californians who are pro recall are crazy. That’s what I’ve heard, over and over, from Long Island folks. Californians who would vote for Schwarzenegger – thereby allowing a personality, not a politician, to run the state – are even crazier. That’s a sentiment I agree with completely.

Something is deeply wrong when you’re mocked by Long Islanders.

I will vote “no recall” on October 7th. With that simple but explicit act, I will be doing my part to restore relative sanity in California.

My mother is preemptively delighted; she thinks that “Governor Arnold” would be enough of a political tragedy to motivate my reverse migration. She’s probably right.