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May 19, 2006

Greece ~ Day 4: postcard


"We hiked 6 km - always up hill, and quite a hill at that - away from Katapolos, the port town in the middle of long, mountainous Amorgos Island, towards Hora, the main town at the tippy-top of the island's peaks. Hiked through wildflowers on a switchback road, with escalating views topped off by the sight of Hora. Hora's white buildings, blue touches of paint on doors and window shutters and flowerpots. Hora's penultimate fort clinging to a rock outcropping keeping watch over the twisty staircased streets. Hora's kickline of windmills, arrayed across the ridgeline. There are few places in the world - in the small part of the world we've seen - that look like a painting rather than a real place in real time, and Hora on Amorgos is just that.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"