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May 17, 2006

Greece ~ Day 2: postcard


"So, after two nights, three-ish jet-lagged days of accidental "ain't we lucky" tourism in London, Todd & I hopped a big ol' jet airliner to Athens, paused only briefly to find the express bus to the port and slept in sleeping bags on benches on the top deck in the open Aegean sea air overnight under fluorescents, of all things, to arrive at our first Greek Island - Naxos, also known as Nαξoς. We're here very early in the season so the crowds are scarce, the weather has just turned this side of warm, and the sky and the sea are blue and blue while the buildings that tumble up and down the marble-clad hills are white on white. We've done very little since docking so early this morning and that is damn fine by us.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"