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May 24, 2006

Greece ~ Day 9: food

Focused on the food. All descriptions read left-most picture, from back to front, L to R, then to the next photo.

Breakfast:"Continental breakfast" was included at our hotel, which was bread, butter, jelly and American-style coffee or tea. They don't get butter and jelly in jail so it wasn't a complete disaster.

Lunch: Since this was our last full day on a Greek island, we were committed to spending it on the beach. The sand is actually pummeled volcanic rock, so the heat of a hot and sunny day is magnified. We started with chocolate ice cream shakes and later had our first and only gyros. They were the perfect greasy food for lounging on the beach.

Todd made the gyro-getting trek. "Gyros" is pronounced yeer-OH, not the New Yorker ji-ro way. Todd said the conversation between him and the gyro guy went like this:

TODD: "I'd like two yeer-OHs please."
GYROGUY: "That'll be three ee-ros."
TODD: "No, TWO yeer-OHs."
GYROGUY: "Costs three ee-ros for two yeer-OHs."
TODD: "Oh." (hands over 3 Euros)

Dinner: We really tried to find another restaurant that looked as good as Lava - in San Francisco, since we we don't eat out a lot, Todd and I have had an off-and-on rule that we can't go back to the same restauarant twice unless we are introducing friends to a favorite place or we can only order dishes we haven't tried before. Nothing looked as tempting as going to Lava again for our last Greek Island dinner.

Sticking to part two of the rule, we ordered white wine, baked eggplants with tomato, mussels with rice in a tomato sauce, and pastisio, a casserole of macaroni and tomato-meat sauce topped with cheesy bechamel. It was all outstanding.