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May 22, 2006

Greece ~ Day 7: postcard


"Today we enjoyed a sweat-making and hunger inducing day at "Boot Camp Santorini," a tourist package sold as a lovely day exploring the beauty of this Greek Island. The brochure touts a refreshing walk on the active volcano mini-island off the main island coast, an invigorating swim in a hot spring in the sea, a lunch time meander through a little town and a stunning sunset from another little town, Oia, back on the main Santorini Island. The reality: a hot, parched hike on the dusty black dirt of the volcano with a few breaths of sulfur steam for good measure (with an informative, enthusiastic guide), a shocking plunge into frigid sea water followed by a straining swim to rust-riddled warmish muddy springs, too exhausted to hike up a cliff to the little town because its either a grueling hike accompanied by the odor and avoidance of donkey poo, or a ride on a diarrhea-prone donkey. It was a worthwhile day, both the pleasure tour promised and the painful punishment in one.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"