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May 17, 2006

Greece ~ Day 2: food

Focused on the food

Breakfast: We hit the road early so we had a quick breakfast of bread, oranges peanuts, honey, a sour local greek fruit we never identified, and - of course - Greek yogurt

Lunch: bread; fresh orange juice; a Naxos-style Greek salad topped with soft Naxos cheese; pork stewed with potatoes in a tomato garlic sauce; chicken souvlaki and fries with the suprise of each piece of chicken arriving wrapped in bacon! You can't see the 4th skewer that we'd already eaten and the dollop of tzatziki, yogurt mixed with garlic and shredded, drained cucumber

Dinner: we were overstuffed from lunch, so just a simple dessert of waffle topped with yogurt, honey and walnuts, served with an over-the-top sparkler; then to a cafe for music with absolutely terrible Naxos red wine.