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May 22, 2006

Greece ~ Day 7: food

Focused on the food. All descriptions read left-most picture, from back to front, L to R, then to the next photo.

Breakfast: Before heading off on our tour of Santorini, we shared a savory, delicious tyropita, or cheese pie standing at the bus stop.

Lunch: No photo yet. We ate simple lunches at a port cafeteria. Chicken souvlaki for Todd, fish souvlaki for me.

Dinner: Instead of dinner, since we had lunch at 3 p.m. again, we snacked just before sunset. We were at the end of our tour, in the beautiful town of Oia, back on the main Santorini island. In a cafe on the edge of the caldera, I had a 7-year aged Mexaxa (Greek brandy), which went straight to my head, Todd had a juice, and we shared a galaktoboureko, a traditional dessert with a filo crust around custard, drizzled with a sweet syrup. At least, I think this is galaktoboureko - it doesn't look much like the recipes I've looked up since. But, isn't it all just so dang pretty?