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May 21, 2006

Greece ~ Day 6: postcard


"'OH!! Wait!' I cry in my booming NY-best voice at the men folding up the stairs to the boat - our boat, our only boat for days and days. To go from Amorgos to our next island, Santorini. They pull the steps back down and we are on our way...just a couple of hours later the caldera - the cliffs making a stand on the inside curve of Santorini's main island's crescent moon - rises above our boat, topped with a white icing of precarious white buildings. We dock and take a ride from our hotel owner up a reckless switchback road cut into a piece of the cliff. Later, we wander through the tight twisted streets of Fira, the main tourist trap and insane asylum of kitschy shops built on the edge of a volcano-formed and still lava-inclined precipice. We escape the frenzy of cruise-ship crowds and spring-break party girls and nosh at a roof deck restaurant looking towards the calmer opposite coast of rational beaches and simple shorelines. Just over halfway through our trip, we piddle away the remainder of the day shopping and snacking on pastries sticky with honey and sipping local wine.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"