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May 20, 2006

Greece ~ Day 5: postcard


"May 19th...Amorgos keeps on giving...a little island, though the largest of the Little Cyclades, it retains a touch of calm composure, removed from the much trampled path of most tourists in Greece. Fueled by a wonderful lunch of eggplant and beet and watery Mythos beer, we wander around old, crumbling stone windmills with a fierce sea breeze cooling our sweaty selves...

...May 20th...Having had our fill of hiking, we rent an ATV to tour the rest of Amorgos. We make a beeline for Hozoviotissa Monastery, a white-painted, multi-roomed building built onto the vertical side of a cliff perched high - very high - above the rocky shore. We meet a punk-monk who reminisces about the music he loved before dedicating himself to god. Frank Zappa and Joy Division. After, we pass up a beach occupied by cows for a secluded, sandy cove. After a few hours of napping in the sun, we drive back towards our hotel over a long, windy mountain road with the sound of hundreds of goats and their bells echoing off the land.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"