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May 19, 2006

Greece ~ Day 4: food

Focused on the food. All descriptions read left-most picture, from back to front, L to R, then to the next photo.

Breakfast: there's yogurt somewhere under the tremendous pile of bananas, kiwis and apple; greek coffee which I like metrios, a medium-brew with a teaspoon of sugar.

Lunch: We hiked uphill for about an hour and a half so we were ravenous. On the average day, Todd and I don't like "pissy lager," but we were sweaty, the sky was sunny, and our table was outside so we ordered lots of Mythos. It's pretty bad but refreshing. We started with patzaria salata, marinated beetroot salad sprinkled with rigani, or Greek dried oregano and served with skordalia, a garlic and potato paste. Then melitzanes papoutsakia, which translates as "eggplant little shoes," hollowed-out eggplant halves with a ground meat filling (probably lamb, garlic, tomato sauce, cloves), topped with bechamel then all baked in the oven. This is among the best dishes we ate in Greece. Also a fava bean puree, which was luscious and fresh.

Dinner: again, not too hungry after the late large lunch, started with Ouzo at sunset. Then dinner with more Mythos beer. Italian food is very popular in much of Greece, so we thought we could eat simply by splitting spaghetti with marinara. Leave it to the Greeks to top it with an inch of cheese and bake it; under that cheesy shell is a huge portion of spaghetti. Todd then indulged in the favorite Amorgos dessert, simply listed as "cake" on the menu. It was dark, but it seemed to be a layered cake, a crisp cookie base, then a pudding, then more cookie, topped with a thick whip cream and chocolate sauce. It was simple but light.