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May 10, 2005

A Confluence of Star Wars

Grocery Store Wars
The folks of Free Range Graphics spent many a sleepless night trolling the aisles of an East Bay grocery store wielding puppets made from slowly rotting foodstuff. All to produce the short movie Grocery Store Wars, which is already getting hits galore.

The Free Range team, creators of the award-winning animated movie, The Meatrix, have used their socially-conscious creative talent to bop corporate agribusiness on its greedy noggin.

This is not high art. It’s punny and funny, a bizarre cultural homage the original Star Wars movie. One boy of Free Range is my friend Tate Hausman, who has always bemused me a-plenty with his ardent memorization of the original movie, which obviously informed this parody-with-produce.

More a viral entertainment marketing tool, the movie only mildly berates you to join the Organic Rebellion. If you’re not acquainted with the “organic food movement,” bean up by reading my slightly old Organic Standards article. Personally, I have decided that buying organic is often worth the cost, though admittedly buying 100% of my food organic is not within my budget. Every two weeks, my boyfriend and I get a box of Eatwell Farms organic produce. It's worth the extra money because it's fresher and tastier than the big store fruits and vegetables and it is an easy way to support both organic farming and local business.

My brothers as Storm Troopers.

Brother Storm Troopers
Continuing the Star Wars theme (oh, my dorky days have not done passed), if you know anyone obsessed with Star Wars who just simply must have their own Storm Trooper helmet, let’s just say I know where to get one.

Finally, if you have not heard enough about the long, long ago and far, far away, finish up your galactic prix fixe with a viewing of Star Wars Gangsta Rap. In it, a perfectly whiny Luke asks the eternal question, “Yoda, why you bein’ a playa hater?” I prefer the classic version, as the jiggin’ Vader is sublimely goofy. Unfortunately, you first have to sit through a short commercial – your computer’s volume mute is your B.F.F.