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May 16, 2006

Greece ~ Day 1: postcard two


"A really big red sun just set on our first day at Naxos, a lovely Greek Isle known for its citron liquor and mythological origin stories. Just this a.m. we arrived from London, the land of heresy, to Greece, the land of hubris, and specifically to tourist-trodden Naxos, the land of hedonism - where Dionysus, a.k.a. Bacchus, a.k.a. the dude who drank a lot of that vino and sat around in the buff and threw a rave or two. We're taking a different tact, gettin' our rocks on by eating local cheese, drinking local citrusy booze and digging on balcony views of people-watching, cruise-ship scouting and sunset soaking.

XOXO - Lauren & Todd"